In connection with COVID-19, we have adjusted our work in a safe manner.

Our clients are welcome to visit us as well as the students. Before the appointment takes place, we would like to receive a completed registration form.

The government and the business community have also drawn up the protocol ‘Working together safely’.

For the safety of you, your colleagues and our employees, EFPC (naturally) uses this protocol when recording on location. We also use the protocols working on the construction site and safe fieldwork.

This comes down to the following:

  • We follow the protocols of the RIVM
  • We follow the instructions of the client and agree with the client whether we can properly carry out the work together.
  • We report unsafe situations that threaten to occur both before and during the execution of the work and together we examine whether the work can continue.
  • EFPC employees travel alone, carpooling is not allowed in normal passenger cars.
  • The EFPC employee may only work with his own PPE, may not lend it out and keep it as clean as possible.
  • Where possible, we use our own stuff, so our own pen must also be signed as a work permit.
  • And of course, there is prior consultation about this, we minimize contact and we hold each other (strict) accountable for compliance with the protocol.

We thank you for your trust, support and understanding and we are happy to think along with you.