Publication Series on Hazardous Substances (PGS) 15

Storage of packaged hazardous substances


Upon completion of the PGS 15 course, students will have theoretical and practical knowledge of the
PGS 15. During the course you will:

– more insight into the different protection levels;
– more insight into the associated conditions and restrictions (enforcement level);
– more insight into the system choices depending on the protection level and scenario(s), PGS new style is characterised by the new scenario descriptions;
– the tools to better estimate product and fire water retention based on the various system choices;
– more insight into the conditions applicable to a given system, and;
– greater understanding of the general conditions applicable when storing hazardous substances

Designated for

The course is intended for anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of PGS 15 (new style).

Course description

The course is broadly composed of the following sections:

– legislation and regulations;
– logistical processes and commercial storage, whether or not linked to production processes;
– classification of substances with regard to their ADR classification based on MSDS sheets;
– storage quantities and (temporary) storage requirements (merchant goods, incompatible combinations);
– protection levels, system choices and partitions in combination with maximum floor areas;
– scenarios in relation to preventive and repressive LoDs in accordance with PGS 14;
– collection facilities for product and extinguishing water;

Course duration and costs

The course duration is 3 teaching days from 09:00 to 16:30.
The course fee is €1,475 which includes teaching materials and catering such as coffee, tea and lunch, but excludes tuition fees and VAT.

You will need to provide your own PGS 14 and 15. These are available free of charge on the PGS website. You are advised to bring the PGSs digitally on, for example, a tablet or laptop. In addition, the presentations will be provided digitally before the start of the course.

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