Mathematics module


The module focuses on the basic arithmetic skills required in hydraulic arithmetic in the junior engineer sprinkler technology course. Topics covered include:

  • calculations with fractions
  • linear interpolation
  • linear comparison
  • compare powers

Designated for

This module is intended to support the maths aspect of the junior engineer sprinkler technology course.

If you struggle with the following tasks, the maths module is for you:

  • (5 + x)² – 60 = 130, what is x?
  • b² + 15 = -b² + 20, what is b?
  • (5 -18) / (120 + a) = 26, what is a?

The course runs synchronously with the sprinkler training. The module is taught in one teaching afternoon.

Course description

The course is composed of 6 modules, each covering a key topic to better understand the hydraulic calculation of sprinkler courses. The course involves 1 class afternoon where support is provided, the presentation containing the assignments is shared with the student.

The study load is 4 hours.

Course duration and costs

The course duration is 1 class afternoon, the course fee is €350, this includes teaching materials and excludes VAT.

Start training & exam

The Mathematics module will start on 7 May 2024.

The exam for the sprinkler courses will be provided by CIBV and Certoplan. To do so, you need to login yourself.