On 23 December 2021, Seco Netherlands Holding took a majority stake in EFPC to jointly offer even more security and safety in the construction industry.

“We waren ons al een tijdje bewust van het feit dat we deels dezelfde expertises in huis hebben en in het verlengde van elkaars dienstverlening werkzaam zijn” aldus Ronald van Brakel, de nieuwe bestuurder van Seco Netherlands Holding B.V., waar Seconed and EFPC are now covered by.

“We are looking forward to this new chapter through a larger organisation, in which we can draw on the knowledge, experience and capacity of both organisations. After all, both companies have been successful in the Dutch market for years.”

The acquisition allows Seco Netherlands Holding B.V. to offer its clients even more knowledge and broader expertise. Within the Seco Group, over 350 professionals work at the originally Belgian company.

With this acquisition in the Netherlands, we will soon be working with over 40 professionals in the fields of Building and Civil Engineering, Fire, Energy, Installations, Explosion Safety and Machine Safety. This will put us even closer to our clients with two offices in the Netherlands.

“For our clients, it is important to know that nothing will change. Both companies will retain their own identity and focus. This allows us to keep testing and consultancy separate, but from an integral and multidisciplinary approach, we can relieve our clients even better. Together, we stand for more certainty in construction!”

When it’s about the safety of your employees, your visitors and your company, you leave nothing to chance. That is why you choose the specialist of EFPC when it comes to fire safety, explosion safety, machine safety and electrical safety measures.

In addition, we are one of the few in the Netherlands who can also provide you with an integrated safety approach. In very diverse areas of application, including new construction and renovation in Construction & Industry, Hydrogen installations, Li-ion storage and Solar energy.

EFPC is the advisor with the broadest expertise in the field of safety in our country. And … we have no ties with contractors or suppliers! So, you are assured of 100% independent advice, for the very best security in your specific situation.

Safety is too important to just be handled by a certain company

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Based on our affinity with fire prevention and CSR in general, we support the Dutch Burns Foundation so that they can achieve their goals.