If you are looking for fire safety advice that goes beyond a global Principle Document (UPD), EFPC can defenitelyhelp you. We support dozens of clients in all sectors of industry, care, and services through developing plans into concrete designs.

After completing the design, we can also supervise the tendering and implementation, so that we ensure quality in the final product.

Be the boss of your own design.

You can leave the design of the facilities or installations to the person who will build or deliver the facility. You sketch the starting points in a Program of Requirements (PvE) or a UPD to request a price.

The specific details and quality of the facilities (maintenance efficiency, lifespan, etc.) are, however, not fixed in a PvE or UPD. By having a thorough design drawn up you keep control and the final supplier is clearly informed about the price/quality ratio that you have specified.

We have gained extensive experience in the past decades as a proactive member in construction teams

EFPC can help you design the most efficient installation possible. A hydraulic calculation, for example, guarantees that the pipes get the optimum diameter, that there is no more pipe than is strictly necessary and that the water supply, such as a (clean) water cellar or (clean) water tank, does not become larger than necessary. This can ultimately result in considerable cost and space-saving.

Together we can make a design of the installation or the structural fire safety measures. If desired, we can also calculate the design financially, for an objective basis when evaluating the bids.

We have gained extensive experience in the past decades as a proactive member in construction teams. In recent years also frequently with construction teams in which we, for example, together with the supplier of a warehouse facility or the process installation, have designed a complete virtual building with fire safety systems in building information modelling (BIM).