FM Sprinkler Technician


Controlling and applying the FM data sheets with regard to fire safety/sprinkler installations.

Intended for

The training is intended for those who have successfully completed the sprinkler technician training and want to gain more knowledge about the regulations drawn up by the insurer FM Global for fire safety.

Course description

During the course the FM datasheets 2-0, 3-26, 7-14, 7-29, 7-31, 7-38, 8-1 and 8-9 are discussed. The course provides insight into the application of the data sheets and an explanation of the motives of the insurer. This course is given in collaboration with CIBV.

In order to successfully complete and complete the training, some basic knowledge is expected from the participant, the Sprinkler Technician degree or equivalent is recommended.

Course duration and costs

The course duration is 3 lessons from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM and the course costs are € 1,350. This includes teaching materials and care such as coffee, tea and lunch (between two half-days), but excluding exam costs.

We recommend to digitally download the required FM Datasheets and place them on a tablet for during the lessons and the exam. The FM data sheets are available online for free, whereby the following sheets are important;

– FM datasheet 2-0;
– FM datasheet 3-26;
– FM datasheet 7-14;
– FM datasheet 7-29;
– FM datasheet 7-38;
– FM datasheet 8-1;
– FM datasheet 8-9.

The tablet may also be used during the exam, but not connected to the internet/wifi.
Keep this in mind if you may need a translation program.

Start course & exam

The FM sprinkler technician course starts in the spring of 2022.

The exam for the FM sprinkler technique course will be taken by CIBV. For this you must register at