FM sprinkler technician


To master and apply FM datasheets related to fire safety/sprinkler installations.

Designated for

The course is intended for those who have successfully completed the sprinkler technician course and want to gain more knowledge about the regulations issued by the insurer FM Global for the purpose of fire safety.

Course description

During the course, several of the FM datasheets will be covered, covering storage, non-storage and special risks. The course will provide insight into the application of the datasheets and an explanation of the insurer’s rationale. This course is conducted in collaboration with CIBV.

In order to successfully follow and complete the course, some basic knowledge is expected from the participant, the diploma Engineer sprinkler technology or equivalent is a recommendation.

Course duration and costs

The course duration is 3 teaching days from 08:30 to 16:30 and the course fee is €1,475. This includes teaching materials and catering such as coffee, tea and lunch (between half-day sessions) but excludes VAT and examination fees.
We recommend downloading the required FM datasheets digitally and placing them on a tablet for during the lessons and exam. The FM datasheets are freely available online with the following sheets being of interest;

  • FM datasheet 2-0.
  • FM datasheet 3-26.
  • FM datasheet 7-14.
  • FM datasheet 7-29.
  • FM datasheet 8-1.
  • FM datasheet 8-9.

The tablet may also be kept with it during the exam, but not connected to internet/wifi.
Keep this in mind if you may need a translation programme.

Start training & exam

Registrations are open for the FM sprinkler technician course starting on 24 September 2024. The remaining class dates are:
– 1 and 8 October

The exam for the FM sprinkler technician course will be conducted by CIBV. For this, you need to register at