The legally required protection of employees against explosion hazards is laid down in the ATEX 153 directive, further elaborated in the Netherlands in the Working Conditions Decree. This directive requires a company to identify, assess, and describe all explosion risks in an explosion protection document (EVD).

Because of the huge number of standards and directives in this area, this can lead to unfamiliarity with certain requirements and measures and sometimes to a lack of clarity on what must be complied with.

Also comments in an inspection report may raise questions for you regarding the legal framework and practical feasibility.

We think – in all modesty – we can make an interesting and often saving contribution in this area and therefore offer the ‘ATEX consultation hour’.

What is the ATEX consultation hour?

Your issue or questions relating to explosion safety are sent to us in advance so that we can prepare properly. Within a maximum of 10 days, there will be an interview with us in Bilthoven or via MS Teams, during which we will be able to indicate what possibilities and points of attention still remain in our opinion.

There is also the opportunity to brainstorm with our specialists on possible alternative solutions, during which we can (probably) answer any questions directly.

Costs and duration of ATEX consultation

The ATEX consultation costs €450 excluding VAT and (apart from our preparation) usually takes two to three hours. Should further consultation sessions and/or calculations be necessary afterwards, we can schedule new appointments for these.