NFPA sprinkler technician


NFPA is widely used in the Netherlands when NEN-EN12845+NEN1073 is less or not applicable. To translate to Dutch legislation and to correctly implement NFPA in sprinkler design, the NFPA sprinkler technician course has been prepared.

NFPA sprinkler technician is intended for

The course is intended for those who have successfully completed the Sprinkler Technician/Engineer Sprinkler Technology course and want to gain more knowledge about the US regulations that are mostly applied in the Netherlands because of the possibilities in, for example, storage protection and special hazard class.

Course description

The NFPA course consists of modules 13, 20, 22 and 25 of the NFPA. The course is thus modular and can be tailored to a specific target group if required. It is not necessary to take all modules to sit the exam. The course focuses on practical application of the requirements.

In order to successfully follow and complete the course, some basic knowledge is expected from the participant, the diploma Engineer Sprinkler Technology or equivalent is a recommendation.

Course duration and costs

The course duration is 5 teaching days from 09:00 to 16:30 the course fee is €1,850. This includes teaching materials and catering such as coffee, tea and lunch (between half-day sessions) but excludes examination fees, VAT and regulations.
For the course, we recommend bringing a tablet with the necessary NFPA regulations. For the course, you will need a device with the required NFPA prescriptions on it. These only work via the online NFPA link and you need to purchase these yourself digitally. In fact, using the tablet is also allowed in the exam which makes searching the regulations a lot easier. For the NFPA course, you will need the following regulations:

  • NFPA 13.
  • NFPA 20.
  • NFPA 22.
  • NFPA 25.

The cost of the prescriptions is described here where you can also order them.

During the exams, the tablet should not be connected to internet/wifi, please keep this in mind if you may need a translation programme.

Start training & exam

The NFPA sprinkler technician course starts on 22 October. The other class dates at EFPC are:
– November 5, 12, 19 and 26

The exam for the NFPA sprinkler technician course will be conducted by the CIBV. For this, you must register at