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A fire alarm system is there for your safety! All the more reason to make sure it does what you expect of it in daily practice. For this, not only the installation is important, but also your own organisation.

If you are required by law and regulations to have a fire alarm system, you must also ensure that there is an operator or Trained Person present who can perform these tasks and has the knowledge to do so. Fortunately, this certainly does not need to be in-depth technical knowledge, but the manager does need to know the ins and outs of the fire alarm system.

The person responsible within the organisation for managing the fire alarm and evacuation systems.

Course description

The course covers various aspects relating to fire alarm and evacuation systems, such as:

  • purpose of the fire alarm and evacuation system;
  • role of the fire alarm and evacuation alarm system manager;
  • the structure and components of the fire alarm system;
  • responsibilities, powers and duties of the manager;
  • performing periodic checks and preventive maintenance;
  • recording and reporting data in the logbook;
  • instructing third parties;

No prior training is required for this course.

Course duration and costs

The course duration is 2 course days, the 1st course day from 09:00 to 16:00 and the 2nd course day from 09:00 to 13:00. The second course day concludes with a nationally recognised exam.

The course fee is € 500,-, including teaching materials and catering such as coffee, tea and lunch (1st day) and including examination costs, but excluding VAT.

Start training & exam

The course will start in consultation with the applicants and the exam will be taken by EFPC at the end of the course.