We believe that with our multidisciplinary team of specialists we have a good understanding of safety. But what do our clients think?

On the right, you will find an overview of sectors and clients for whom we have been allowed to use our expertise. You will also find a reference at various of these clients.

EFPC has been involved from scratch with the unique project of Danone Nutricia in the Netherlands. In this internationally steered project, several contractors were involved to realize a factory which produces high quality Early Life Nutrition products, for (vulnerable) babies. The nutrition that a baby receives during their First 1000 Days of life (from pregnancy to two years) can have a positive influence on how they develop, grow and learn.

This nature of the product meant that a high level of hygienic applications had to be implemented. The project embodies one of the largest capital investments of Danone worldwide. Safety is the first concern during executing but also after realizing the complete factory. Starting with a fully BIM-modelled factory, finding the right solutions for safety issues, building codes, Danone and FM global specifications, EFPC is very proud to be part of this team and the trust Danone Nutricia puts in EFPC expertise.

EFPC is involved in:

  • Tender documents
  • BIM modelling
  • Fire safety plan
  • UPD firefighting systems sprinkler and gas extinguishing FM global
  • PvE Fire detection and fire alarm systems
  • Evacuation plans
  • Site surveys
  • Design and execution compliance with Dutch law and regulations

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The Nissan Motor Parts Center B.V. in Amsterdam is the logistical link for Nissan’s services in Europe. By supplying Nissan parts for maintenance and repair, Nissan’s driving in Europe are provided with the help and care that every Nissan owner needs.

On the site of the Nissan Motor Parts Center, there are 90,000 square meters of the warehouse where on average 140,000 parts are kept in stock. The Motor Parts Center is equipped with many safety measures to ensure that employees can work safely and can escape safely in the event of an emergency.

The Motor Parts Center is also well protected against unwanted events such as a fire. The Motor Parts Center is, among other things, equipped with an automatic sprinkler system which reduces the risk of damage to continuity as a result of a fire.

In the realization of the sprinkler system in the Motor Parts Center, EFPC has been involved from the start on how the sprinkler system can be integrated and realized. When drawing up all the necessary documents in relation to the realization of the sprinkler system, EFPC took into account the wishes of Nissan, the insurer and the requirements of the government authorities. EFPC also carried out checks on the quality of the installed work during the realization of the sprinkler system.

Nissan went through a similar process with EFPC when replacing the music and evacuation alarm system in the Motor Parts Center.

Nick Gelijsteen, employee at Nissan Motor Parts Center B.V.:

“The first contacts with EFPC at the time of the sprinkler project go back to 2004.

EFPC has helped with Pre-studies, calculations, supplier selections, validation of quotations, tests and the supervision of the final installation, which also includes delivery and aftercare.

In the 4 years from start to final delivery, Nissan has worked intensively and constructively with EFPC.

Nissan has gratefully made use of the relevant knowledge and experience in the field of sprinkler and evacuation systems from EFPC. We can describe the collaboration as professional, businesslike and pleasant.

We are convinced that thanks to the EFPC expertise hired by Nissan, the introduction and eventual functioning of both sprinkler and evacuation systems have been very successful.

To this day, Nissan still has regular contact with EFPC on various relevant issues. “

Taximeter Centrale B.V. was originally a family business and has existed since 1927. Started as an importer of instruments for automobiles, they have now grown to become the market leader in (car) mobility solutions. Taxameter offers the most innovative systems and is constantly looking for new possibilities, all focused on maximum accessibility of the available space. Taxameter Centrale is part of Waysis, an internationally oriented holding company that also includes Yellowbrick and Brickparking.

Source: Taxameter Centrale

Within Taxameter Centrale, Security has a high priority, Taxameter Centrale has deliberately chosen an independent consultancy for Security advice.

EFPC is particularly proud to realize this as an independent consultant for Taxameter Centrale.

The starting point was a joint inventory and assessment of the security measures already in place and making use as much as possible of the existing structural and electronic security facilities.

EFPC subsequently implemented a tailor-made security plan for Taxameter Centrale, taking into account the anticipated crime risks, the existing architectural and electronic security measures, the business process and the use of the complex.

André Sprong, Director of Operations at Taxameter:

“In order to obtain advice in the field of security, we deliberately searched for a party that operates independently in the market. The choice for EFPC has proven to be the right one. We are provided with independent advice in which all possible subjects have been extensively highlighted. The sobriety and expertise with which EFPC carried out our assignment have been very valuable to us. ”

Delta Lloyd is a financial service provider with insurance and banking services. Both for individuals and for the business market.

The Toorop building on Spaklerweg 4 in Amsterdam is an existing office building and serves as Delta Lloyd’s head office. Delta Lloyd Group is a financial service provider that offers products and services in the areas of life insurance, pensions, non-life insurance and asset management, as well as banking products and services.

The building consists of a number of connected building components.

The office floors were renovated in the 2013/2015 period and made suitable for “The New Way of Working”. New fire alarms and evacuation systems were installed during this renovation.

In addition, the existing fire protection provisions are tested against the legal frameworks and adjusted if necessary.

Source: Delta Lloyd

Fire safety provisions have a high priority within Delta Lloyd.

As an independent consultant, EFPC is proud to advise and support Delta Lloyd in the various project flows.

Jenne Buist: Project leader Housing and Technology, IT & Services

“Delta Lloyd has deliberately opted for an independent consultant for fire safety advice. Within the Netherlands, there are only a few consulting firms that pursue an integrated approach to fire safety, and so we deliberately chose EFPC because they have a great deal of experience in this area. ”

The Forensic Care Specialists (DFZ) (formerly the Van der Hoeven Foundation) from Utrecht offers human solutions for a safer society. This is achieved through a wide range of knowledge and services in forensic care. Hereby everyone’s unique history is respected and they believe in human growth. From there, work is being done in a society where everyone feels good and safe.

The DFZ building site consists of a new building (2009) and an older existing part: Van der Hoeven clinic (the 1970s). Due to the diversity of treatments, the design and use differ per department. DFZ must meet, among other things, the requirements of DJI. We have been involved with DFZ since 2009. Initially with an assessment of the new construction and then with the increase of the fire safety level of the Van der Hoeven clinic to the level of new construction.

This increase in the structural fire safety level started with an inventory of the existing fire separations. A specification has been drawn up based on this. In doing so, we naturally looked at whether costs could be saved by shifting fire separations. In addition, there were plans for an upcoming renovation. We have taken this into account when preparing the execution work in the Van der Hoeven clinic.

Finally, during the execution of the required fire prevention work, we were involved as a consultant for the client in the qualitative construction supervision of the contractor.

We have recently reviewed the renovation plans of the Van der Hoeven clinic. An integrated approach to safety (including safe evacuations, etc.) and security (patients are not allowed to escape in the event of an emergency) was combined in the assessment of the plans.

Marian Wiarda, Manager Service center of DFZ:

”The collaboration with EFPC is smooth and effective; they look at a situation and assess how a solution can be found that does justice to fire safety and costs. Our experience is that EFPC has a lot of in-house knowledge and that the advisors are focused on serving the client optimally. In short lines, fast feedback and smart solutions. “

Jaarbeurs organizes and facilitates events from 2,000 visitors. From corporate parties to festivals and from dance parties to anniversaries.

Jaarbeurs is a multifunctional location in the center of the country that is well equipped to host and accommodate every conceivable event.

The multifunctional complex of Jaarbeurs has a very extensive infrastructure and has 11 well-equipped halls. All halls are equipped with all necessary facilities and fire protection facilities and are therefore suitable for a wide range of activities, including fairs, events, parties, and concerts.

EFPC is particularly proud that they support all fire protection facilities as a housing consultant for the Jaarbeurs.

Whether it is a request for a new environmental permit, the sprinkler system, the fire alarm, and evacuation alarm system, smoke layer calculations or collection and flow capacity calculations EFPC assists the Jaarbeurs with independent, reliable advice and efficient solutions.

Jaap de Oude; Manager Technical Department of the Jaarbeurs

“My experiences with the EFPC company have been very positive. They think along with the customer and are proactive with their work. They provide a clear picture of the problems that the customer is confronted with and ensure that adequate solutions can be continued. They take care of the entire process for certification and permits for us. So EFPC offers a total solution for all situations. “

The Pieterskerk can be seen from the perimeter of the meadow. The Pieterskerk stands out above the center of Leiden. The Pieterskerk is one of the oldest monumental buildings in Leiden. The Pieterskerk was founded in 1121 as a burial chapel dedicated to Peter and Paul, and from that moment on (depending on the financial means), the church was built in phases. The Pieterskerk was more or less in its current form in the sixteenth century.

The Pieterskerk is no longer used as a church. The Pieterskerk is currently used as an event location for fairs, parties, dinners, concerts, etc. The Pieterskerk has a capacity of up to 2,000 people.

The Pieterskerk was completely renovated in the period from 2000-2010. During the renovation, EFPC contributed to fire safety solutions. For example, EFPC has made the design of the fire alarm and evacuation system. Given the height of the rooms and the use of the rooms, a normal fire alarm system was not possible. With multiple fire tests, a customized solution for the fire alarm system has been designed that is very reliable and detects a starting fire at an early stage and alerts the fire brigade and people present.

In addition, EFPC has been involved in determining the escape possibilities within the Pieterskerk and EFPC has drawn up the evacuation plan. Recently EFPC has determined, for the Pieterskerk, whether there are sufficient escape facilities during an event to allow the people present to safely leave the Pieterskerk during a calamity.

Frieke Hurkmans, director-manager

“Recently the Pieterskerk Leiden again used the services of EFPC. The renewed acquaintance was extremely pleasant and adequate. An urgent and professional response was received from an urgent question on our part. Without a doubt, we will also be happy to contact new issues in the future. “

Leiden University (founded in 1575) is one of Europe’s most prominent international research universities. This prominent position gives our graduate students a head start when they apply for academic positions or positions outside the academic world. The university has approximately 24.5 thousand students (from 110 countries) and 5,500 employees. Leiden University has about 60 buildings in use in Leiden. The studies are mainly given from Leiden, but Leiden University also has study facilities in The Hague.

All buildings of Leiden University are equipped with all the necessary facilities that are needed to facilitate good and high-quality education. All fire protection facilities within the buildings are adapted to use.

EFPC is particularly proud that they support Leiden University as a home consultant with all fire protection facilities.

For example, the University Library of Leiden University is equipped with a pre-action sprinkler system, rooms with valuable collections are equipped with extinguishing gas systems and the entire building is equipped with a fire alarm and evacuation system. EFPC has assisted Leiden University with independent, reliable advice, customized designs, and document-specific principles, so that fire safety for both Leiden University, the municipality of Leiden and the insurer has been brought to a high level within the library.

“Safety for students, employees, and visitors of Leiden University is very important to us and requires a lot of effort and policy to guarantee and maintain this.

In the field of fire safety, EFPC has been an important partner for us for many years. They think along with us and are proactive in their work, for example, together with EFPC, we have developed a University broad policy in the field of fire safety. They provide a clear picture of the problems that we as client face and ensure that adequate fire safety is guaranteed in the buildings. Total solution for all situations are proposed by EFPC.

On behalf of us, EFPC communicates with the competent authority and all other parties in the realization of fire safety projects and relieves us throughout the entire process of project realization and for certification and permits.

My experiences with EFPC are very positive. ”

Bert Döpp

Project leader Installation technology
Real estate company Leiden University