Architects have a broad knowledge of all the facets of construction and the use of buildings. But it is impossible to know everything. Sometimes choices in the design phase lead to imperfections in the field of fire safety and security protection. Things can be adjusted at a later stage, but it’s always more costly than doing it right the first time.

We believe – in all modesty – that we can make an interesting and often saving contribution in this area and therefore offer the so-called “architect’s consultation hours”.

What is the architect’s consultation hour?

The architect and/or the developer send us the floor plans and/or sketches of the project, including the surface areas, functions and occupancy rates, by email (as PDF or DWG), so that we can prepare everything in advance. Within 10 days there will be a conversation with us in Bilthoven. In this conversation, we will indicate witch points need more attention.

There is also an opportunity to brainstorm with our specialists about possible alternative solutions, and of course, we can answer all your questions right away. As the consultation will take place at our office, we can quickly switch with our specialists in a variety of disciplines.

Costs and duration of the architect’s consultation

The architect’s consultation costs are € 450 excluding VAT and (apart from our preparation) usually takes two to three hours. When more consultation sessions and/or calculations are required, we can schedule new appointments.