Energy Storage Systems (EOS): where fire and explosion safety come together

In the dynamic world of energy storage, the emergence of Energy Storage Systems (EOS) has revolutionised the way we harness and distribute energy. These systems play a crucial role in facilitating sustainable energy use and balancing power grids. As EOS technologies continue to develop, it is essential to Is it essential to include fire and explosion safety aspects in design and ralisation.

Fire safety in EOS

EOS installations feature advanced battery technologies, but under certain circumstances can increase the risk of fire. An uncontrolled chemical fire may occur in an energy storage system as a result of the battery technology used. Therefore, an analysis of the potential risks and a proactive approach to fire prevention and suppression is crucial. At EFPC, we understand that minimising these risks requires looking not only at the technology itself, but also at the surrounding environment, plant design and materials used.

Explosion safety and EOS

In EOS installations, situations may arise where explosive atmospheres are created, for example due to the presence of gases or vapours. In such circumstances, it is crucial to take explosion protection measures to prevent ignition sources from causing explosions. Our in-depth knowledge of explosion safety can help you identify the correct classification of zones and implement appropriate protective measures.

With Energy Storage Systems (EOS), we bring fire and explosion safety together in a synergy that paves the way to a more sustainable future. At EFPC, we are ready to embrace and shape these safe energy storage solutions.”

EFPC applies integral approach to fire and explosion safety within Energy Storage Systems. Our experts offer tailor-made solutions that comply with the most stringent standards and guidelines, such as PGS 37-1. Together, we can promote the safe implementation of EOS and pave the way for a more sustainable energy future. Contact us to find out how we can support you.